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Endowment Fund Jablonecké varhany

The idea to start an Endowment Fund, which would make it possible to raise enough money to restore the Pipe Organ in the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord in Upper Square in Jablonec nad Nisou came about in the summer of 2017. It was then I came across a report referring to the Pipe Organ’s technical condition. Its final words struck me. The report concluded that the Pipe Organ could be sustained in working order for a period of time however its end is inevitable without major repairs.

Jablonec Upper Square Church is undoubtedly our town’s most well known landmark. Many wonderful music concerts that have taken place in this Church brought memorable moments to citizens of Jablonec as well as surrounding towns and villages. Our Organ’s majestic sound has been an essential part of many festive moments such as Christmas days as well as regular Church services. I find it truly unthinkable that this Church might lose its pipe organ and that this concert instrument could gradually disintegrate.

It was that gloomy vision which ignited my initiative and prompted me to address a small number of people with the same goal. Together we contacted the Žlouteks, third generation Organ builders, who have devoted their life to this traditional craft. They  have been looking after our Pipe Organ for many years knowing its every detail. We were told quite a few intriguing and astounding facts regarding the Pipe Organ and its condition upon meeting the Žloutek family. In the first place we learned that our Jablonec Organ is one of a kind instrument of notable historic value whose quality and sound range is comparable to only a very few other organs in the Czech Republic, which are of similar singularity. The Rieger Company from Krnov, which built the Organ in the 1930’s, was an ace among world companies in the period between the two world wars. In addition to the Organ’s size was its capacity to control various combinations of its ranks, that made it so unique in those days. As if all Jablonec citizens wanted to project their wealth and out-rival their neighbouring town, Liberec. Timeless architecture of Jablonec Church designed by Josef Zasche had to be crowned with a colossal music instrument. Josef Zasche tailored the organ loft so that visitors can admire the majestic Organ front spanning across.

Sadly, time passes for our Organ too. Woodworm infestation has a huge negative impact on already used wooden parts of the instrument. Several pneumatic parts of key importance are beyond redemption. The Pipe Organ is a part of National Heritage protection programme therefore the only way how to save it is to carefully restore it. A project such as this costs money.

That is the reason which brought me to establishing an Endowment Fund Jablonecké varhany and made me address a small number of responsible people to be in charge of the Fund. That was the first step which needs to be followed by other steps. That is why I would like to appeal to all of you who care for the future of this superb instrument. Help us to save it for succeeding generations. This Grand Pipe Organ will soon emit silent notes unless we take urgent action now.

MUDr. Irena Kreiselová  

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